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Ananay Batra

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As animation and marketing take new turns every passing day, requirements come up regularly. One such thing that is often required urgently is voice-overs. Whether you need them to build a narrative around your animated video or add more flavor to your static post, there’s always a lot of work to be done.

First and foremost, it’s to search for a voice-over artist with the right tonal quality for your text. Sounds too hectic?

Thankfully, technology has caught up. Today, you can use text-to-speech software to create authentic narration without having to worry about multiple variables like artist, studio, cost, and more.

Here’s a look at the comparisons between VO artists and Text-to-Speech tech. We hope it’ll make it easier for you to make the choices.

Breaking Language Barriers

Most organizations today are looking to establish a global presence and operate worldwide. It means they’ll also need to communicate in other languages to connect with their audience in different parts of the world.

Now, finding a decent VO artist with native fluency in another language is hard and very expensive.

However, with the help of TTS platforms like, you can easily access their colossal library and convert your text to any language of your choosing with organic human voice!

Faster production

To select a VO artist can be pretty time-consuming. First, you have to look for VO production agencies, then check out their samples, find an appropriate voice, get it produced, and make further corrections if required.

All this can add up to take weeks since you won’t just magically find the right voice for your purposes at once.

You could if you chose a TTS platform. E.g., Listnr has a library of 570+ voices. When you select our platform, you have immediate access to it all, and you can choose from there. That would easily cut your production time by more than half.

Once you find the right voice, converting your text into speech and then downloading it in shareable audio formats is going to be even faster. Then why go through all the hassle?

More affordable

Whether you are a solo marketer, production artist, or startup agency, cutting costs is one thing they all have in common. Finding a VO artist and getting your work done by one can cost anywhere between $100 to $1000.

On the other hand, a TTS platform is much more affordable. Despite offering such variation and quality, you can use all its features starting at just $9 a month.

If you think about it, that’s only 9% of the lowest you would spend on a VO artist, and it takes care of all your monthly requirements! ‍

Customize your narrative

One of the drawbacks of dated TTS tech used to be emotionless and dull speech. It was easily distinguishable as it sounded nothing like a human. However, TTS platforms like Listnr have come a long way with tech development.

For starters, now you can customize it according to tone, pauses, style, pronunciation, and speed to make it sound human-like and organic.

In a way, that takes care of the only thing that the technology was missing when it came to comparisons with VO artists.

Easier distribution

After spending hundreds of dollars on getting the voice-over from the VO artist, you still have to pay more on distribution. With a TTS platform, however, things get a lot easier. You can use their embeddable audio player to share files on your website.

Listnr also allows you to download your VOs in mp3 and .wav formats, making it easier for you to share it anywhere on the go!

Now that you’ve seen both sides of the coin, there is no denying that VO artists have their advantages as well. But if you want a seamless process that is easy to scale for your business, then a TTS platform is best for you.

Head over to now and start for free before you sign up for one of their plans for high-quality voice-overs in minutes.


1. What is the most realistic TTS voice?

5 Best Text-to-Speech platforms:

  2. Google Cloud
  3. NaturalReader
  4. FreeTTS
  5. Notevibes

2. How do you make someone's voice?

With, you can select from one of the 570+ voices available in their library in 75+ different languages and assign it to your video character. It’s easy, fast, and scalable.

3. How do I get a Computerised voice?

You can get a computerized voice from TTS platforms like, which has a vast library of 570+ voices in 75+ languages.

4. How do I find my voice talent?

If you are looking for a VO artist, then you need to get in touch with VO artist agencies. If you are looking for a fast, cost-effective solution that offers the same high quality, try a TTS platform like

5. How do I get more voices for text to speech?

When you sign up for a paid plan on a TTS platform like, you get access to our vast voice library with over 570 voices in 75 different languages.

6. Is text to speech a real voice?

TTS platforms are capable of naturally piecing together syllables to create a natural-sounding voice that could outdo VO artists without a few practice runs.

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