Text To Speech: A Must-Have Advantage in Game Development

Ananay Batra

Ananay Batra

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Games are a prime example of story-telling and total submersion into a new world. The best games have grand visuals, vibrant music, riveting characters, and beautifully laid down plot points.

Along with this, the advent of reliable Text To Speech technology has made game developers' lives dramatically easier by reducing the time spent in voice production.

Text to Speech ( TTS ) technology witnessed rapid innovations and applications across various fields, gaming being one of them. TTS has quickly made itself indispensable in game development peer groups. It is turning major heads with its expressive voices that are adaptable to the player’s preference.

In fact, TTS forms a significant part of other more prominent technologies like Conversational AI, Synthetic Voices and smart Interactive Voice Response, etc.

Let's take a look at how TTS is soon becoming a must-have tool in the gaming industry and otherwise as well:



TTS Reduces the Cost of Prototyping

Prototyping is the process of making mock-ups of concepts and designs in development. Games use prototyping in different stages of their production cycles to ensure feasibility.

TTS enables developers to visualize different dialogue sequences and narration scenes without using actual voices. It helps in assessing dialogues that work and the ones that need re-writing. Additionally, Voice AIs provide the flexibility of changing dialogue spacings and voice intonations.

The possibilities of TTS are numerous as there is no dependency on voice actors. Although game producers might want to use voice artists in the final version, using AI voice in the prototyping stage reduces cost significantly.

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