5 Ways to Leverage Podcasts to Accelerate your Business Growth

Ananay Batra

Ananay Batra

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Podcasts can build brand trust and engage the audience successfully. Read on to learn more about why podcasting is a must for a business’s content marketing strategy.

The consumer is where the content is. Whether it is organic marketing or paid advertising, gauging the content consumption habits of your target audience is the most critical step in any marketing endeavor.

It is no surprise that podcasts have become a popular medium of consuming content in the last few years. According to reports published by Deloitte and KPMG, podcasts could be a $3.3 Bn+ business by 2025, whereas India; the third-largest podcast-listening market globally is expected to be valued at INR 17.62 Cr by 2023, growing at a CAGR of 34.5%

The growing audience base for podcasts has only boosted its ability to impact business marketing and advertising positively. By harnessing its power, businesses can reap several benefits, such as increasing their audience reach and strengthening their brand strategy at a much lower cost.

Expand your audience reach

The ease and convenience of consuming content have made podcasts a massive success. Whether it’s listening on the go or having the same content quality across multiple devices, podcasts show us how mastering the art of convenience is the new king in the content world.

Listeners prefer podcasts for their high portability - all a user has to do is download the app, search for the podcast, and press play. The following graph indicates places where listeners like to tune in. Marketers can, therefore, harness such huge accessibility of this audio medium to distribute content and expand their audience reach.


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Podcasts make it incredibly easy to build trust as the ads featured are usually read by the host. It creates a more significant buy-in for marketers as the hosts have existing dynamics with their listeners rooted in trust and credibility.

Improve your brand recognition and recall

Podcasts are known for subtle marketing yet notable brand placement. Whether it is just a logo in the podcast’s artwork or mentioning the brand name in the intro and the outro, subtle brand placement goes a long way in the podcast industry.

Another brand strategy that works well is weaving your brand with the overall theme or topic of the podcast. This ensures that listeners remember the brand without feeling like they are being sold to.


Image: Nielsen

Low investment, high return

It is easy to produce podcasts as it is easy to consume them. The ease of recording and publishing podcasts is another reason businesses should dive into this audio revolution.

You can always get started with just a phone or a laptop and a microphone. Pick a hosting platform that will give you insights into audience engagement. Platforms like Listnr provide relevant insights to help you craft your content and brand placements accordingly.

With low investment, the ROI for businesses is likely to be positive as marketers can reach out to the audience strategically with minimal costs.

Long-term brand engagement with thought leadership

Podcasts make it easier to produce and disseminate content to a targeted audience. Producing high-quality content and strategically distributing it will help the brand win over customers and become a thought leader in the industry.

Brands and businesses that understand the nitty-gritty of the product or the industry become the go-to place for the consumers. Such expertise helps in building long-term credibility not just for your content but also for your brand.

If your consumers trust what you say, then they will trust your products, too. Such credibility pays off by increasing conversion rates in the long-term - a new product line or a service is much easier to market for an established brand with a loyal audience base.

Targeted access to the audience


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Podcast listeners often have the same interests and content consumption patterns, tapping into a consumer segment with multiple similarities. That can be a lucrative opportunity for businesses to reach a specific audience without conducting preliminary market research.

Alternatively, you can use the podcast to hyper-target your content to a specific set of audiences with SEO optimization of descriptions and titles. You can also link your podcast to your business page to boost your page rankings.

Listnr makes it easier to track the progress of such initiatives and improvise them by providing detailed engagement analytics.

Large brands also depend on building communities to drive their business success. And podcasts have been fruitful not just in marketing but also in building communities. Don’t miss out on the potential of podcasts for your business! Get early access to Listnr and start your podcasting journey with easy recording, editing, and publishing features.


How to start a successful podcast?

You can start a successful podcast with a compelling topic, an engaging title, and a description. Decide on the content, podcast format, a hosting platform that works for you, and start recording from the comfort of your phone or your laptop.

What equipment do you need to start a podcast?

All you need is a laptop or a phone to start an audio podcast. To start an audio-visual podcast, you will need a video recording device. We suggest investing in a good microphone to cut down your editing time later.

Do I need a podcast hosting service?

You will need a podcast hosting service to store your recordings and create your podcast feed. Hosting platforms also provide non-technical tools to edit and enhance your recordings. Your podcast needs a media host similar to how a website or a blog needs a web host.

What is the best podcast hosting platform?

To choose the best podcast hosting platform, you will have to define your goals and needs and then finalize a platform that meets all your podcasting requirements. Platforms such as Listnr are a good choice to get started and record, edit, store, and publish podcasts easily. Listnr also gives you access to real-time insights to gauge your audience engagement behavior.

Here is our vetted list of Top podcast hosts in 2022.

Do B2B businesses need a podcast?

Podcasts are highly effective in driving brand awareness and consistent audience engagement. Moreover, they help build credibility and a personal connection with the brand. B2B businesses can also leverage the podcasts to build a community and establish thought leadership.


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